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Speaker's Registry

Tell us about your experience – are you a Life Coach? Privacy Specialist? Inspirational / Motivational Speaker? Or other… What topics you present – Change in Lifestyle? Change Management for Professionals? The type of audience you are wanting to attract … Youth Groups, General Public, or Professionals?

You’ll be required to give us a complete overview of your presentation so we can determine if this will be a “good fit” for both your business and ours. On acceptance of your request – we’ll meet and discuss the logistics of putting together the event as you envision it.

You'll definitely want to be in touch with Precision Event Design's services. Get in contact with us if you are a professional looking for representation, a venue, or both. We are partnered with some of the area's most acclaimed venues on Vancouver Island. We can handle your venue and vendors, advertising and email mailouts on line, and manage online registration, as well as making sure that you are compensated for your presentation hassle- free.